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22 March 2009 - For immediate release
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RaceTechnik Cars Finishes One-Two in Championship

Brian Scott and Doug Chernis Earn Top Two Spots

[Photo: Celebrating victory at Int'l Rally New York - photo by Pete Kuncis] Mesa, AZ. RaceTechnik, a race car shop based in Mesa, AZ, fielded the top two cars in the 2008 California Rally Championship series. Brian Scott (Pine, AZ) and John Dillon (Thousand Oaks, CA) won the championship in the Open 4WD category, while Doug Chernis (Scottsdale, AZ) finished second. In addition, Scott and Dillon were named the U.S. national Open 4WD champions in the United States Rally Championship series. RaceTechnik's Chernis serves as crew chief for Scott, even when he's behind the wheel himself. (Visit RaceTechnik.com for specific location.)

"We couldn't have won this national crown without Doug's hard work and the support of everyone on the RaceTechnik team," reports Scott. "Those guys were phenomenal. We did our best to avoid hurting the car, and they did a perfect job prepping the Subaru between rallies."

"I've been lucky to race in a lot of different cars with a lot of different teams over the years," added Dillon. "Doug and his guys are great to work with. They really pay attention to detail."

When asked about the secret of his success, Chernis explained, "I've had a lot of experience working on top-flight, world caliber teams, including winning teams at LeMans and Daytona, so I understand the importance of race prep. I've also worked on several top rally teams, including the national championship-winning team for David Higgins in 2002."

Racetechnik is a full service shop, supporting dozens of customers from SCCA, NASA, and other groups. Most of them road race Porsches, Subarus, and Mini Coopers. However, for Chernis rally is close and dear to his heart, both in competition and support. "We're proud of our results in 2008," he said, "and we're looking forward to 2009."

Primary funding for the winning car comes from Scott Roofing Company, providing roofing services for homes and businesses all across Arizona. Widget insists on brakes by Porterfield Enterprises (www.porterfield-brakes.com) and utilizes the web services of Shults Dot Com (www.shults.com) for its internet needs. The USRC is one of two national championship series in the United States. The California Rally Series has outgrown the roots implied in its name and includes events in Arizona, Nevada, and Utah.

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