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10 Oct 2006 - For immediate release
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Champagne Spray in Arizona

Podium Finish at Prescott Rally After Hard Battle

[The team gets some high-speed air at Prescott.  Photo by Lorne Trezise.] Prescott, AZ. Brian Scott (driver, Phoenix, AZ) and John Dillon (navigator, Thousand Oaks, CA) sprayed champagne at the end of the 2006 Prescott Rally on 6-7 October 2006, finishing second overall in this national event. The Prescott Rally, Round 7 of the U.S. Rally Championship series, required a good result from the team for them to keep their championship hopes alive. They also finished second in each of the two concurrent regional rallies and moved up to third in the national standings.

"We came back from the Colorado Cog Rally [two weeks earlier] with a much better feel for the car's handling under all sorts of conditions," said the driver. "Although we struggled there a bit, the 'seat time' at altitude really helped us prepare for Prescott." Conditions at Cog were cold and muddy, with limited traction and plenty of steep drop-offs to intimidate the crews.

"Prescott is Brian's home event," remarked Dillon, "but even though he's raced here several times, we knew he'd have his hands full keeping the others at bay. Seamus [Burke], George [Plsek], and Wolfgang [Hoeck] are all amazingly quick drivers. Although Seamus opened up a decent lead early, our battle with Wolfgang and George was never separated by a few seconds one way or the other across two days." The codriver added, "On the last 'real' stage of the rally, the 25-mile long Perkins View stage, Brian pulled out all the stops and set fastest time, shifting from a six-second deficit to a six-second lead. We went into the final stage, a short 'super-special,' knowing that we had to push hard, but that the stage was short enough that only a mistake would cost us a position."

"Even though we finished second, I'm thrilled with the result," observed Scott. "I've won events in our class before, and even won the Treeline Rally overall--in a two-wheel-drive car--but this is the best result yet for this car. It has so much more power, grip, and handling that I'm still working towards achieving my full potential in the car. Not only that, I've gotta tell ya that I haven't had so much fun racing in a long time. To be so close to Wolfgang and George all weekend was quite a thrill and I loved every minute of it."

Scott dedicated his trophy to Techsport's Andy Brown. Unfortunately for the team, this is the last rally they'll run with Techsport. Techsport owner Andy Brown is moving to Australia in November. Brian Scott praised his crew chief, saying "Thanks to Andy I've been able to race with absolute confidence. Every part of the car is solidly built and totally reliable. Not only that, Andy has been a good friend and an excellent driving coach. We're really going to miss him, but we wish Andy the best as he and his family make the big move down under."

"Racing with Brian has been a joy and a thrill this season, especially in a car of this caliber," noted the codriver. "and Andy Brown at Techsport built an absolutely phenomenal car. To learn that Andy is leaving Arizona for Australia is sad, but it's coupled with the happiness of having been able to work with him and to get to know him and his family a little. Thanks, Andy, for all your help this year, and best of luck to you."

The Prescott finish has moved the team up to third in the national championship standings, with one rally remaining. Unfortunately, an unexpected business commitment means that Brian won't be able to race at the Laughlin International Rally, Round 8 of the championship. However, Dillon is scheduled to codrive for Leon Styles instead, driving a Mitsubishi Gallant provided by Top Quality Auto in Los Angeles. Styles and Dillon won the U.S. national Open championship in 2004 so they've demonstrated they can win together, and the car helped Dillon and driver Blake Yoon win the CRS Open 4WD category at Laughlin last year. Scott and Dillon team up one more time in 2006, at the Reno Rally in Nevada the first weekend of December.

[Photo: Proud promoter of Perforce Software] Scott Roofing of Phoenix, AZ, provides significant backing to the Techsport/Widget partnership, while Perforce Software (www.perforce.com) also offers financial support. The team insists on brakes by Porterfield Enterprises (www.porterfield-brakes.com) and utilizes the web services of Shults Dot Com (www.shults.com) for its internet needs.

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