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5 Mar 2005 - For immediate release
For more information, contact: John Dillon
Widget Rally Team
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Thousand Oaks, CA 91358-0231
Phone: 805.906.7797
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Widget Wins in Washington

Widget and Cavett Rally Motorsports win Doo Wops Series

[Gary Cavett and John Dillon won the Doo Wops Series Rally in March] Montesano, WA. The Widget Rally Team, partners in speed on the performance rally circuit, joined Cavett Rally Motorsports to win the Doo Wops Series March 5th and 6th 2005. Racing a 1995 Subaru Impreza, driver Gary Cavett and codriver John Dillon finished just two seconds ahead of Dave and Rick Hintz to earn the weekend's trophies. The rally is headquartered in Hoquiam but uses roads from that coastal community all the way into Montensano, Brooklyn and Oakville.

This was the first time Cavett and Dillon raced together, and their first race of the 2005 season. "We've had to adapt the car to the new 2005 rules, including the addition of a smaller (34 mm) turbo restrictor, so the car didn't have quite the horsepower of years past," the driver reported. "To compensate we installed a new turbo to lessen the affect of the restrictor. Fortunately for the team we saw an increase in torque despite the horsepower loss, so the car proved to be quite responsive on stage."

Stage one, a tight and twisty up and down route in the Olympic Mountains, found the crew on par with the top teams in the series, as the pair took away a 3rd fastest stage time to start the day, just 10 seconds down on the lead car after 10 miles of mountain driving. Stage 2 cost the team another 10 seconds but they were 2nd fastest this time. Cavett and Dillon found their stride on the third stage where they set fastest time and took six seconds out of the leader. Changing weather conditions, including a torrential downpour on the last stage, kept them from overtaking at the end of the first day, but they were planted in a solid second place, a nice position to be in for the next day's action.

Sunday's first stage left the team with a fright however. Though they finished the stage just one second behind the stage winner, the car was down on power and an audible exhaust leak could be heard in the cockpit. Cavett and Dillon frantically repaired the intercooler feeder hoses while waiting for the next stage to start, but the problem persisted until they finally limped into service where the crew located a faulty O2 sensor plug. After service they picked up the pace, but another problem cropped up when the crew discovered a broken A-arm bushing which affected the Subaru's handling.

At this point it looked like the team would have to settle for a second place podium position. Nonetheless Dillon encouraged Cavett to continue to push hard and the team was rewarded with another stage win. Then, on the final stage of the day (the famous Brooklyn Tavern road), gearbox problems in the leader's car slowed them just enough that Cavett and Dillon won the day's rally and the weekend's Doo Wops Series--by just two seconds! In the spirit of sportsmanship for which our sport is known, Cavett and Dillon provided "towing service" for the Hintz brothers to get them back to the final time control so they could be scored as finishers.

"It's been a long time since I've run an entire rally on used tires!" quipped Dillon at the awards dinner. (Cavett's tires were hand-me-downs from Subaru of Canada cars that Cavett had used last year.) "Gary's driving was inspired in places. Though he doesn't have the budget of some of the other teams, he's shown that he can be competitive even using older equipment. We had a great time in the car together. I'd enjoy racing with him again sometime."

"My crew really bailed me out a couple of times this weekend," praised Cavett. "First they found the O2 sensor, then they detected the A-arm bushing. Both those problems could have taken us out of the rally. My hat's off to them for their help. Naturally I wish I had fancy diffs and newer tires, but I'm happy to finish and thrilled to have won. It's my first overall victory and I couldn't be more delighted!"

"Man, what a great way to start the season!" Dillon added. "It doesn't get any better than this!"

About the Sport
Rallying is the ultimate team motorsport where street-licensed cars are raced at high speed on dirt trails with two people in the car, a driver behind the wheel and a codriver describing every bend in the road. Normally competitors are not allowed to pre-run the roads so they are racing "blind," navigating from a route book provided just hours prior to the event. Cars can easily reach speeds above 100 MPH as they snake between trees and along the edges of cliffs in this sport of strength and stamina.

About the Teams
Cavett Rally Motorsports campaigns a 1995 Subaru Impreza sponsored by SubaruParts.com (www.subaruparts.com), K&N Filters, Competition Clutch, Accurate Autobody, Ralli-TEK and Foreign Engines, Inc.

The Widget Rally Team, that "serious team with a whimsical name," is supported by Perforce Software (www.perforce.com), makers of high performance software for computer professionals and Tombstone Paintball Park (www.tombstonepaintball.com). The team insists on brakes by Porterfield Enterprises (www.porterfield-brakes.com) and utilizes the web services of Shults Dot Com (www.shults.com) for its internet needs. Satellite phones are provided by WCC Global Satellite Communications (www.wcclp.com).

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