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2006 Photos of the Widget Rally Team in Action

Meet the Photographers

Prescott Rally • Prescott, AZ • 6-7 October 2006
[Photo by Ronnie Arnold]
It was a tight race all weekend, but ultimately the team finished 2nd overall at the Prescott Rally.


PR Pictures by Ronnie Arnold


Colorado Cog Rally • Steamboat Springs, CO • 23-25 September 2006
[Photo by Ronnie Arnold]
Changing weather conditions made the Cog Rally particularly challenging for the team, but proved to be an excellent opportunity for learning the car.


RT Pictures by Ronnie Arnold


Rally Tennessee • Linden, TN • 2-3 September 2006
[Photo by Ronnie Arnold]
The team on it's way to a USRC podium finish.


RT Pictures by Ronnie Arnold


Rally Tennessee pics by John Dillon


Treeline Rally • West Covina, CA • 15 July 2006
[Photo by Ray deGier]
Photos by Bill Rogers The Widget Rally Team finished first overall racing a 2WD Ford Focus at the Treeline Rally.


Susquehannock Trail Professional Rally • Wellsboro, PA • 3 June 2006
[Photo by Ronnie Arnold]
Team Havspeed and the Widget Rally Team partnered in Pennsylvania and finished on the podium for a champagne celebration.


STPR Pictures by Ronnie Arnold


STPR Pictures by Aaron Crescenti


STPR Pictures by Pete Kuncis


Pictures from Team Havspeed


Subaru Rim of the World Rally • Lancaster, CA • 28-29 April 2006
[Inn of Lancaster]
Brian Scott and John Dillon won the Friday regional rally, Brian's first-ever overall victory. Disappointment hit on Saturday when the team got stuck on a berm on the Leona Ridge stage.


Rim Pictures by pr2 design


Rim Pictures by Bill Rogers


Rim Pictures by Lauren Mays


Pictures by Ronnie Arnold


Pictures by Chris Scurti


Rim Pictures by Julia LaPalme


Oregon Trail Rally • Hillsboro, OR • 21-23 April 2006
Pictures by Ronnie Arnold


Ralph Kosmides and John Dillon on their way to a podium finish in Group N.


[Breaking out of the forest at Oregon Trail]
Rally New York • Monticello, NY • 7-8 April 2006
[Racing on tarmac in New York]
Brian Scott and John Dillon tackled the all-tarmac Rally New York. Paved rallies are exceedingly rare in the U.S.


Pictures by Art Partyka


Pictures by Pete Kuncis


Check out our on-board video! You may want to right-click and choose "Save As ..." for better performance. This is a 35 MB file.
Desert Storm Rally • Ehrenberg, AZ • 25 March 2006
[Maiden voyage in new car, on the way to a podium finish] Desert storm pictures by Bill Rogers


Maiden Race for New Car Puts Team on Podium! Widget codriver John Dillon teamed up with Brian Scott and Techsport Racing to claim a 3rd place finish at the Desert Storm rally. It was the first outing for the new car.


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