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Shots of the Widget Rally Team in Action

(This page contains large images and may take some time to load)

Meet the Photographers
Still more pictures from years past
[On the way to our first ProRally victory
Pike's Peak: On the way to our first ever overall ProRally victory!
More pictures by Chris Scurti
Pictures by John McKean
Video Listen To Them This is a short in-car video from the night stage of the 2004 Pike's Peak Hill Climb. It's an AVI file, almost 6 MB in size, so it will take some time to load.
[More pictures from Rim of the World]
[More pictures from Oregon Trail]
Corona Rally of Mexico -- WRC
[Pictures from the 3rd round of the WRC championship]

2004 Sno*Drift ProRally
[Click to see more pictures from Sno*Drift 2004]

2003 Ramada Express International Rally
[Click to see more pics from the Ramada Express International Rally]

2003 Susquehannock Trail ProRally
[Widget Rally Team Evo, photo by Pete Kuncis]

Oregon Trail Rally 2003
[Click for more pictures from Oregon Trail 2003]

Rim of the World Rally 2003
[Peforce Software, the Widget Team's new sponsor, gets prominent billing on the car at Rim]

More Pictures Found in the Photo Archive