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Shots of the Widget Rally Team in Action

Meet the Photographers

[Yee haw!  Maximum attack on the First View stage from the Widget Rally Team, www.WidgetRacing.com] Maximum attack en route to victory. The Widget Rally Team at the 2002 Prescott Forest Rally. This shot from Saturday's first stage was made by Bill Rogers of Motorsport Memories. The Widget team went on to finish first overall on this rally.
[Photo from wwww.WidgetRacing.com]Photographs from the 2002 Wild West Rally are now available. These images copyright © 2002 by Wayne Flynn www.PDXSports.com. [Audi flies on wings of air at the Wild West Rally.]
[Pivoting the car through a four wheel drift] Left: Check out the latest pictures from Dryad Quest and Shitepoke such as this shot, © 2002, by Chris Scurti.
Video clips by Rob Marssdorf are also available as .WMV files: Select Dryad Quest or Shitepoke. Here are the zipped versions if the WMV's give you problems from the web: Dryad Quest or Shitepoke.
[The scoreboard tells the story.]   [Pivoting the car through a four wheel drift]
Right: Photographs from the 2002 Rim of the World Rally are now available. This image copyright © 2002 by Dennis Baer.
Left: www.Subaru.net captured the story in pictures: the Widget Rally Team finished seventh overall with their 12 year old Audi against a flood of modern Subaru, Hyundai and Mitsubishi equipment, a testament to the strength of German engineering and, more importantly, the skills of the driver and codriver.

[Leon Styles and John Dillon in their first full rally together]

[Racing from the bottom of the Grand Canyon, 2001.  Photo courtesy of RallyUSA.com from the www.WidgetRacing.com site] Right: The Widget Rally Team finished first in PGT and third overall at the 2001 Ramada Express International Rally. This photo was shot on the Diamond Creek stage, which starts at the bottom of the Grand Canyon and finishes near the top, and is courtesy of the event organizers at RallyUSA.com.
If you look closely you'll see the cool graphics by Wallyworld Designs, the fresh new paint job from Berdoo Trans and Auto Body, and the incredible brakes from Porterfield Enterprises. Not visible is the Clutch Masters clutch, the magic touch from Gwendolyn Laeng Massage Therapy Center, and webmaster John Shults of Shults Dot Com.
This was the third victory in a row for the team with this Mitsubishi Eclipse and a dynamite way to end the season.
Pictures by Lorne Trezise now available.
[O'Sullivan/Dillon on the way to overall victory at the Treeline Rally.  Photo from http://www.WidgetRacing.com]
En Route to Overall Victory at Treeline Rally. Lauchlin O'Sullivan and John Dillon finished first overall at the Treeline Rally, November 2001. The PGT car finished over two minutes ahead of an Open-classed Subaru. Photos © 2001 Bill Rogers of Motorsport Memories.
[O'Sullivan and Dillon return to victory circle in Prescott.  Photo from http://www.WidgetRacing.com]
Return to Victory Circle for Widget Rally Team in Arizona. O'Sullivan and Dillon took home the first-place PGT trophy at the Prescott Forest Rally in October 2001. Photos © 2001 Bill Rogers of Motorsport Memories.
[Millen/O'Sullivan get maximum air on Brockway mountain.  Photo from http://www.WidgetRacing.com] Lake Superior Pro Rally Rhys Millen and Lauchlin O'Sullivan go for maximum air on the Brockway Mountain stage (left) while Mike Halley and John Dillon play it more conservatively. Photos © 2001 Pat Munits.  Check out the in car video clip in this 128 MB MPG file.
[Brockway Mountain and the Studbug.  Photo from www.WidgetRacing.com]

[Thrilling the Fans]
Maine Summer Rally 2001 (above): On the way to the Seven Rivers ClubRally victory in PGT. Click the picture for more photos from Maine 2001.
Both photos © 2001 Pete Kuncis
Susquehannock Trail ProRally 2001: Lauchlin O'Sullivan and John Dillon near the end of Phasa Run, the fourth stage. The team set a new PGT class record on this stage in this rented Eclipse.
Click the picture for more photos from STPR 2001 by Pete Kuncis.
[Click to see more great Rim pictures by Dennis Baer] Rim of the World proved to be a challenge for the M&M Motorsports team, but they were stylin' and quick until the alterator failed.
Right photo © 2001 by Dennis Baer.
Lower left photo © 2001 by Bill Rogers Motorsports Memories.
Lower right photo © 2001 by Paul Flores.
Click on the photos to see additional great images captures by these three photographers.

[Click to see more great Rim pictures by Bill Rogers]

[Click to see more great Rim photographs by Paul Flores]

[Slogging through the snow.  Click to see a larger 114 KB version.] Slogging through the snow at Oregon Trail. The Eclipse ran as high as fifth overall before suffering electrical problems.
More pictures from Oregon Trail
Photo Copyright © 2001 Jim Culp.

[Lauchlin O'Sullivan and John Dillon on their way to PGT victory at Cherokee Trails 2001; photo by Moni Hourt]
Above: Lauchlin O'Sullivan and John Dillon racing towards PGT victory in their first race of the year, the International Cherokee Trails Rally. Compare this beautiful new paint job from Budget Auto Works with the photograph from the Ramada Express International Rally below. They do great work, don't they? Photo © 2001 by Moni Hourt.
[Bryan Hourt and John Dillon at Prescott 2000; photo by Moni Hourt]
Above: Arizona sunset, rally style. Bryan Hourt and John Dillon en route to a Group 5 victory at the 2000 Prescott Forest ProRally. Photo © 2000 by Moni Hourt.

[Friday stage action in commemorative format; Laughlin, 2000 - photo is 90 KB in size] Right: Friday's stages, captured in this commemorative format, were snowy, icy, muddy, challenging every competitor to stay on the road. Lauchlin O'Sullivan, driver, and John Dillon, navigator, threaded their way between the trees to an eventual PGT victory, racing for M&M Motorsports.
The most common question we heard on Friday was "What car number are you?!"
[Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV, driven by Mark Nelson, at Rim of the World 2000 - photo #H550/1 by Darkrooms Plus] The first stage of the 2000 Rim of the World ProRally and Sierra Motorsport is kicking up the mud. Photo © 2000 by Darkrooms Plus. More photos from Rim of the World 2000
[The Evo at Maine - photo by Peter Kuncis] Photos from STPR 2000 by Peter Kuncis
Photos from Maine 2000 by Peter Kuncis
Photo of Mark Nelson at Doo Wops 2000. Photo © 2000 by John Dillon.

[LSPR 'Hang Time at Brockway Mountain' photo] LSPR 1999 - Paul Dubinsky and John Dillon get serious "hang time" on the Brockway Mountain stage at Lake Superior ProRally. Photo copyright © 1999 by Pro Action Shots
[Prescott photo of Tabor Rally Group Mazda 323 GTX while brakeless] Prescott 1999 - Prescott Forest ProRally Photos copyright © 1999 by Jerry Winker and John Allen
[Photos from Ojibwe] [Photos from Ojibwe] Ojibwe 1999 - Ojibwe Forest ProRally. Photos copyright © 1999 by Jerry Winker and Jesse Mullan
[Sunset photos at Rim of the World 1999] Rim 1999 - Sunset photos from Rim of the World Photographer unknown.
Lauchlin O'Sullivan Photographer: Unknown.
A collection of photos from Wild West 1999 in Shelton, Washington. Photos copyright © 1999 Tim Winker.
[Additional 1999 Rim Photos] Rim 1999 - Additional photos from Rim of the World 1999 Photos © 1999 Bill Rogers
A pair of pics from the Doo Wops III/IV Rally. Photos © 1999 by Eldon Brown who reminds us "You can turn on your roof, but you can't brake."
The Widget Rally Team on it's way to a Group 2 victory at Rim of the World, 1998. Photo © 1998 by Dennis Baer.
[Prescott 1998 photo of Celica racing to its end] The Widget Toyota Celica GTS just prior to it's demise at the Prescott Forest Rally, 1998. Photo © 1998 by Dennis Baer.
John Dillon and driver Bill Nation during the 1998 Ramada Express International Rally (four pics)
Photo of co-driver John Dillon. Photo © 1996 by Jeff Nadler.

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