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Widget Rally Team - USA Champions - 2004 and 2008

Partners in Speed on the American Rally Racing Circuit

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2013 Mendocino Rally pictures by Bill Rogers of Motorsports Memories.
Solid Finish at Olympus Widget Co-Driver partners with Tag Rally Sport.
Co-Driver Scores First Ever Rally Finish—as a Driver!
2011 Rally in the 100 Acre Wood: A pair of podium finishes for the team.
Hero card available here! (1MB Adobe PDF file)
2010: Widget partner Pikasport wins national championship.
2008 Rally New York: Another podium finish secures national championship!
Enjoy this on-board video with victory donuts:

2008 Prescott Rally: Team Clinches regional championship with dominant win in Arizona.

2007 Prescott Rally:
Dominating Victory by Widget Rally Team!
Pictures by Ronnie Arnold and Bill Rogers
2007 Olympus Rally:
New Partnership Adds Two More Wins to Trophy Case
Pictures by Ronnie Arnold and Matthew Popoff
2007 Desert Storm Rally:
Twin Victories in the Desert - Team wins both rallies overall
Pictures by Ronnie Arnold, Bill Rogers, Andrew Chambers, and Ray DiGier
Treeline Rally:
Team Achieves Overall Victory with 2WD Car
Pictures by Bill Rogers and Ray deGier
More Widget Racing News
On the way to victory at Desert Storm Rally 2007 - photo by Ronnie Arnold

Who we are, what we do: Ours is a championship-winning racing team in the sport of performance rally. Rallying is all about racing "real cars on real roads, real fast" in all kinds of weather, day and night. These are typically dirt roads such as logging trails, desert tracks, or forest roads, with two people in the car, a driver and a navigator. It's not uncommon to see speeds well over 100 MPH as our cars dance between the trees down these narrow paths.

Ever wonder about the origins of the Widget Rally Team?
Here's the full story of the serious team with a whimsical name.

Getting started on the performance rally circuit

Publications Partial list of publications by team members


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