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2007 Ojibwe Forest Rally

Photos © 2007 Pulat Isobaev, Grad Student at Bemidji State University

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[Photo: ofr07_pi_0197_tn.jpg]
Codriver John Dillon shows Elena the basics of the the stage notes.
[Photo: ofr07_pi_0196_tn.jpg]
Stage notes are provided just before the rally starts. No pre-running is normally allowed in U.S. rallies.
[Photo: ofr07_pi_0194_tn.jpg]
Elena, who was visiting from St. Petersburg, Russia, climbs into the codriver's seat to get a feel for the sport.
[Photo: ofr07_pi_0195_tn.jpg]
This was her first time at a rally. Judging from the size of her smile, do you think she enjoyed it?!

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