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Widget Rally Team - USA Champions - 2004 and 2008

Partners in Speed on the American Rally Racing Circuit

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Oregon Trail Rally 2021 In-Car Videos
Wolfgang Hoeck and John Dillon rally in Washington and Oregon. It did not end well. (See the videos for Stage 16.)
Wolfgang described our weekend here: The Ups and Downs of Rallying (PDF)
La Carrera Panamericana 2018 In-Car Videos
An amazing and challenging seven days!
Widget Team Members John Dillon and Travis Feinhage
win 2018 California Rally Series P-Stock Championships
• Feinhage is Rookie of the Year
• Dillon honored as recipient of Galal Souki award
2008 Rally New York: Another podium finish secures national championship!
Enjoy this on-board video with victory donuts.

Who we are, what we do: Ours is a championship-winning racing team in the sport of performance rally. Rallying is all about racing "real cars on real roads, real fast" in all kinds of weather, day and night. These are typically dirt roads such as logging trails, desert tracks, or forest roads, with two people in the car, a driver and a navigator. It's not uncommon to see speeds well over 100 MPH as our cars dance between the trees down these narrow paths.

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